3D Full Body Massage Chair Recliner With Yoga Stretch

This 3D Full Body Real Relax Massage Chair helps to keep you fully relax and pain-free in just a few minutes. You can also feel the 3D robots hands rollers on your body from neck to waist. This is a zero gravity massage chair with 50 airbags that will cover the full body. This chair comes with 3 years warranty including vibration-heating function, foot roller massage, Bluetooth music player and speakers. It has auto programming function and fully assembled massage chair. It also has an S-track Robot-Hands System. 



  • Real Relax FDA approved S track massage chair, 3D robots hand rollers move from neck to waist.
  • 6 preset auto programs, “Rocking” chair function is on after clicking the waist button for a while. The Timer of 15 minutes.
  • Fully Assembled in a box, check the reference of door entry size first before buying. UPS LTL Delivery, providing valid phone number and UPS arrange a delivery time.
  • Zero gravity design, 50 airbags placed to arms shoulder and foot, covers full body area.
  • 3 Years warranty, heating, and vibration function, foot roller massage Bluetooth music player and HI-FI speakers.

S-Track Robot-Hands System:

  • Robot Hands work with S-TRACK, relax you from neck to waist. Robot-hand rollers have 12 kinds of massage.
  • 6 Auto Programs
  • 6 preset auto massage programs have different massage methods including the special Thai stretch and Chinese acupoint massage.

Heating and Vibration:

Equipped with heating system, to promote blood circulation and provides constant temperature to let you safe and comfortable.

Foot Roller Massage:

Foot roller system provides a Thai type scrapping massage, help to relieve foot stress and improve night sleep quality.

Customized Massage Function:

customize every aspect, from which parts of the body or function to work on or not, chair angles. The fixed message included.

Easy to move:

With two wheels in the back of the chair, easy to move in the house.

Intended Use:

The combination of robots hands of full body air compression provides relief to full body pain such as neck, shoulder, back, and chronic pain.